Our moderate sized Southpol Cows were selected for their ability to tolerate the humidity of Missouri while being bred to efficiently produce award winning beef on grass. They are truly the best cow for 100% Grass Fed/Finishing in our opinion. If interested check out the Southpol website to fully understand Teddy Gentry’s contribution to sustainable agriculture.

To obtain hybrid vigor, Black Angus cows were crossed with Gelbvieh and Beef Friesian bulls. Their offspring retain the Angus traits of tender beef, the excellent mothering ability of the Beef Friesian, and the heavier build of the Gelbvieh.

Our cows have excellent dispositions and are calm and easy to handle. We walk them slowly on foot when we rotate them throughout the farm. We do not use dogs or horses to move our cows. While on the farm, they live a stress free life.

When we take them to the meat processor, we make the experience as calm and painless as possible. To minimize travel stress, we selected the closest meat processor (15 miles) who follows the dictates of the Animal Welfare Approved standard.