Due to the impact of Covid 19, the overwhelming demand issues and, the backlog currently existing at Missouri USDA Processing Plants, High Springs Farm 100% GrassFed Beef will not have inventory of our 100% GrassFed, 100% GrassFinished beef until October of 2023. Please feel free to check on our Facebook page: highspringsfarmgrassfed for further updates and information. We are doing the best our cows allow us to do. We are not cutting any corners and will continue to produce the quality our customers expect. Thank you for your patronage and your patience!

When to Order

We usually have USDA Certified 100% Grass Fed Beef available throughout the year. But, just to make sure, call us 417-345-1261 or use our Contact Form to check on availability.


A USDA approved meat-processing plant, which is also an Animal Welfare Approved plant, processes our meat.

Our meat is dry- aged. This enhances its flavor and makes it more tender. Some less tender cuts, such as flank steak, are also mechanically tenderized. The result of this extra processing is a tender and tasty premium beef for you and your family.

Individual cuts are vacuum-sealed and frozen. With proper care, meat in a well-maintained freezer will remain quite tasty for well over a year.

How much to buy

We sell beef by the whole, by the half, or by the split-half. A split-half contains a balanced mix of cuts from the front and back quarters.

A whole beef will give you about 400 pounds of “meat to eat”. A half of beef will give you about 200 pounds, and a split-half about 100 pounds. These are approximate pounds; actual pounds you receive may vary a little depending on the size of the animal and its body composition.


Buying in bulk means you are getting a lot of frozen meat at once, so make sure you have available freezer space. As a general rule, 50 pounds of meat will take up about 2.25 cubic feet of freezer space. Accordingly, a whole beef yielding 400 pounds will take up about 18 cubic feet of freezer space; a half about 9 cubic feet, and a split-half about 4.5 cubic feet.


Customers who do not want to buy a whole beef or a half beef should consider “cow-pooling”. Together, several family members or neighbors buy either a whole or half beef and then divide-up the cuts and store it in their freezers.

What You Receive

Generally, after processing, about your order will include about one-fourth in steaks, one fourth in roasts, brisket and stew meat and the remainder will be in ground beef.

Typical standard cuts are:

  • Steaks- Rib eye, KC Strip, filet, sirloin, skirt, flat iron and flank
  • Roasts – Chuck, Arm, Rump and Tri-tip
  • Brisket

Most often, ground beef totals 180-200 pounds for a whole beef, and 90-100 pounds for a half beef. Ground beef comes in 1 lb. packages.

What you receive from a split half of beef is a balanced selection of its from a half of beef. Each split half contains steaks, roasts, along with 40-50 pounds of ground beef in 1 lb. packages.

You are not limited to standard cuts. Our butchers at the Horrmann Meat Company in Fair Grove , MO will gladly cut your beef to your specifications. For example, you can tell them you want thicker steaks, bone-in or bone-out roasts, and more or less ground beef. Please call them at 417-759-2027 and tell them what you prefer. There is no extra charge for this service.

Order Sheet

First, contact High Springs Farm to make sure meat is available:

Contact Form
Phone: (417) 345-1261
Email: info@HighSpringsFarm.com

Order Yours

WHOLE BEEF ($9.70 LB.) $3,880.00*

About 400 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$400 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

HALF OF BEEF ($9.80 LB.) $1,980.00*

About 200 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$200 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

SPLIT HALF ($10.20 LB.) $1,20.00*

About 100 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$100 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

*Final cost will be adjusted based on the actual amount of meat received.


  • Tongue(2lbs.) – $7.00
  • Oxtail(3 lbs.) – $13.50
  • Kidney(2lbs.) – $9.50
  • Liver(2lbs.) – $4.50
  • Heart (2lbs.) – $5.00
  • Sweetbreads (2lbs.) – $5.50

BONES (for cooking) @ $2.00 / lb.

  • 5 lb. – $10
  • 10 lb. – $20
  • 20 lb. – $40
  • 25 lb. – $50

*All costs include processing costs. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Free delivery within a 50-mile radius of Springfield, MO.

Free delivery to the Kansas City and St. Louis areas when ordering a whole beef.

Arrangements can be made to pick up your order at HIGH SPRINGS FARM in Buffalo, MO.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a complimentary copy of Pasture Perfect by New York Times best- selling author Jo Robinson that contains tips for cooking grassfed beef and some delicious recipes.

Order Yours