When to Order

We usually have USDA Certified 100% Grass Fed Beef available throughout the year. But, just to make sure, call us 417-345-1261 or use our Contact Form to check on availability.


A USDA approved meat-processing plant, which is also an Animal Welfare Approved plant, processes our meat.

Our meat is dry- aged. This enhances its flavor and makes it more tender. Some less tender cuts, such as flank steak, are also mechanically tenderized. The result of this extra processing is a tender and tasty premium beef for you and your family.

Individual cuts are vacuum-sealed and frozen. With proper care, meat in a well-maintained freezer will remain quite tasty for well over a year.

How much to buy

We sell beef by the whole, by the half, or by the split-half. A split-half contains a balanced mix of cuts from the front and back quarters.

A whole beef will give you about 400 pounds of “meat to eat”. A half of beef will give you about 200 pounds, and a split-half about 100 pounds. These are approximate pounds; actual pounds you receive may vary a little depending on the size of the animal and its body composition.


Buying in bulk means you are getting a lot of frozen meat at once, so make sure you have available freezer space. As a general rule, 50 pounds of meat will take up about 2.25 cubic feet of freezer space. Accordingly, a whole beef yielding 400 pounds will take up about 18 cubic feet of freezer space; a half about 9 cubic feet, and a split-half about 4.5 cubic feet.


Customers who do not want to buy a whole beef or a half beef should consider “cow-pooling”. Together, several family members or neighbors buy either a whole or half beef and then divide-up the cuts and store it in their freezers.

What You Receive

Generally, after processing, about your order will include about one-fourth in steaks, one fourth in roasts, brisket and stew meat and the remainder will be in ground beef.

Typical standard cuts are:

  • Steaks- Rib eye, KC Strip, filet, sirloin, skirt, flat iron and flank
  • Roasts – Chuck, Arm, Rump and Tri-tip
  • Brisket

Most often, ground beef totals 180-200 pounds for a whole beef, and 90-100 pounds for a half beef. Ground beef comes in 1 lb. packages.

What you receive from a split half of beef is a balanced selection of its from a half of beef. Each split half contains steaks, roasts, along with 40-50 pounds of ground beef in 1 lb. packages.

You are not limited to standard cuts. Our butchers at the Horrmann Meat Company in Fair Grove , MO will gladly cut your beef to your specifications. For example, you can tell them you want thicker steaks, bone-in or bone-out roasts, and more or less ground beef. Please call them at 417-759-2027 and tell them what you prefer. There is no extra charge for this service.

Order Sheet

First, contact High Springs Farm to make sure meat is available:

Contact Form
Phone: (417) 345-1261
Email: info@HighSpringsFarm.com

Order Yours

WHOLE BEEF ($9.70 LB.) $3,880.00*

About 400 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$400 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

HALF OF BEEF ($9.80 LB.) $1,980.00*

About 200 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$200 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

SPLIT HALF ($10.20 LB.) $1,20.00*

About 100 lbs. Actual amount may vary slightly.

$100 deposit due at time of order. Balance due prior to delivery.

*Final cost will be adjusted based on the actual amount of meat received.


  • Tongue(2lbs.) – $7.00
  • Oxtail(3 lbs.) – $13.50
  • Kidney(2lbs.) – $9.50
  • Liver(2lbs.) – $4.50
  • Heart (2lbs.) – $5.00
  • Sweetbreads (2lbs.) – $5.50

BONES (for cooking) @ $2.00 / lb.

  • 5 lb. – $10
  • 10 lb. – $20
  • 20 lb. – $40
  • 25 lb. – $50

*All costs include processing costs. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Free delivery within a 50-mile radius of Springfield, MO.

Free delivery to the Kansas City and St. Louis areas when ordering a whole beef.

Arrangements can be made to pick up your order at HIGH SPRINGS FARM in Buffalo, MO.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a complimentary copy of Pasture Perfect by New York Times best- selling author Jo Robinson that contains tips for cooking grassfed beef and some delicious recipes.

Order Yours