We are what we eat, is often said, but, of course that’s only part of the story. We are what we eat eats too.

Michael Pollan, in The CAFO Reader

Numerous research studies by colleges, universities and private institutions show conclusively that 100% grassfed beef is better for you than grain-fed beef. Specifically, 100% grassfed beef is:

• Lower in fat–100% grassfed beef has 3X less fat than grain-fed beef;

• Lower in calories–a 100% grassfed steak has 90 fewer calories than its grain-fed equivalent;

• Higher in omega-3 fatty acids; grain-fed beef is lower in omega-3 fatty acids, which raises the risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity.

And, 100% grassfed beef has a–

• Better ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids– grassfed beef has a beneficial 3:1 ratio while grain-fed beef can be as high as 14:1;

• Higher amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that helps fight cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Chicken, often touted as a healthier alternative to beef, fails the test when compared to 100% grassfed beef. See tables below:

Source: Journal of Animal Science, May 2002

For more about the health and nutritional benefits of grassfed beef, visit the Scientific References section of EatWild.com.

CAUTION: Cattle raised as organic may have been fed grain, and, if so, their meat will not have the health and nutritional benefits of cattle raised solely on grass.