Due to the impact of Covid 19, the overwhelming demand issues and, the backlog currently existing at Missouri USDA Processing Plants, High Springs Farm 100% GrassFed Beef will not have inventory of our 100% GrassFed, 100% GrassFinished beef until October of 2023. Please feel free to check on our Facebook page: highspringsfarmgrassfed for further updates and information. We are doing the best our cows allow us to do. We are not cutting any corners and will continue to produce the quality our customers expect. Thank you for your patronage and your patience!

Grass Fed USDA Beef from High Springs Farm

HIGH SPRINGS FARM is an AWA Certified 100% GRASS FED/GRASS FINISHED Beef producer located in the Ozarks of Missouri.

We are also the 1st Farm in Missouri so designated by the USDA in the small producer category. In 2014 we were the recipient of the Dallas County (MO) Award for “Outstanding Accomplishments in the Conservation of Soil, Water and related resources”.

We proudly maintain our farm under an Affidavit of Compliance from the AWA (A Greener World) following their standards for the Ethical treatment of cattle.

Raised ethically with No Grains, No Anti-biotics, No Growth Hormones and No Pesticides allows us to produce 100% Grass Fed Beef which has fewer calories, healthier fats to improve blood sugar, “must have” CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) to potentially help your body fight cancer, higher levels of Omega3 acids, lower saturated fats. Our 100% Grass Fed/Grass Finsihed beef is an excellent choice for a Keto based diet.

Start taking your health seriously and Order our SAFE BEEF SOLUTION online, or call us at (417) 345-1261!

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HIGH SPRINGS FARM sells USDA CERTIFIED 100% Grass-fed Beef from animals that graze in lush pastures year round. Our animals eat only grass, never grains. They are never given growth hormones nor routine doses of antibiotics. They are treated humanely.

HIGH SPRINGS FARM is pleased to offer you delicious, healthy 100% grassfed beef. Take some time to explore our website. There, you will find more about the benefits of 100% grassfed beef and about our farm. We welcome your questions and comments. Order your 100% grassfed beef today! Order online or call us at (417) 345-1261!